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Furniture Stain Resistant Fabric

Stain Resistant Fabric, Stain Resistant Fabric Suppliers and Manufacturers
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Stain Resistant Fabric Supplier, Stain Resistant Fabric Supplier Suppliers and Manufacturers

Furniture Stain Resistant Fabric For Hotels Restaurants Homes Picnic Toddlers
Nanotechnology (nanometer anti-dirty) furniture stain resistant fabric made from cotton with nanometer physical and chemical properties allow air to pass through but stop water and other consumable drinking liquids. The fabric preserves water and anti-stain functions. 

Furniture Stain Resistant Fabric

Material                      100% Cotton with Stain Resistant Function
Width 36"
Origon Made in Taiwan
Sofa Cover, Dining Chair Cover, Nursing Pillow Covers
Dining Table Cover, Dining Napkins
Hotels Restaurants Homes Picnic Toddlers
Upholstery for Automotive

What is Nano Fabric 

Nanofabrics are textiles engineered with small particles that give ordinary materials advantageous properties such as superhydrophobicity extreme water resistance or "Lotus effect", odor and moisture elimination, increased elasticity and strength and bacterial resistance. Depending on the desired property, a nano-fabric is either constructed from nanoscopic fibers called nanofibers or is formed by applying a solution containing nanoparticles to a regular fabric. Nanofabrics research is an interdisciplinary effort involving bioengineering, molecular chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and systems engineering. Applications of nano fabrics have the potential to revolutionize textile manufacturing and areas of medicine such as drug delivery and tissue engineering

Ultra Cotton Fabric, What is Ultra-Cotton? Natural cotton has a high water absorption, but worse water volatile and humidity, easy to shrink. Synthetic polyester has a low humidity, good quick-drying but not easy to sweat, not comfortable. To improve the shortcomings of the above fiber, Ultra Cotton reforms the fiber processing technology to make polyester be with softness and hydrophilic of natural cotton. Ultra Cotton has both of wicking absorbent, quick-drying properties, and comfortable wearing of functional requirements.


Moisture barrier and Warm According to Adidas 6.1:2012 anti-shivering to warm test, Ultra Cotton is up to grade 3. Ultra cotton can isolate the sweat rapidly and have body dry and comfortable to keep a constant temperature. Perspiration and no sweat residue: Ultra cotton isn’t hydrophilic and blocks the environmental conditions of bacterial breeding.So colonies cannot reproduce, no metabolites, no sweat-wicking residue. Quick dry and comfortable. Ultra cotton has super wicking diffusion rate. It’s up to grade 5 based on the test of AATCC 195-2011.

Features: NO treatment and no pollution. Permeant function. It can’t be reduced after wash. High security. It can prevent skin from dyeing chemical. We can dye any color and our current spec of yarn is 135D & 150D. 60" 210g/y(150gsm) 100% Polyester  

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