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Taiwan Functional Fabrics

Taiwan Functional Fabrics
Functional textile testing standards and improve the methods of global analysis about 70% of functional textiles from Taiwan, and therefore detect functional textiles has been one of the conditions under single-brand manufacturers of communication, presentation and instrument theory through the course of the test method description, so that students understand the differences between the various standards, and shows that the Chinese market and California Proposition 65 requirements for textiles, and then from the design, manufacturing process begins, in line with regulations, reduce problems, effectively enhance the performance of functional textiles .

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Nylon Power Velcro Fabric

Nylon Power Velcro Fabric for hook and loop Fastener Supplier  Conform to the standard of REACH 163 & California Proposition 65 Have high standard adhesive strength Eco-Friendly as without lead/cadmium / Plasticizer Stiff hand feels / water-proof / non-toxic in one Non-toxic finishing process… more

Ultra Cotton Fabric

Ultra Cotton Fabric, What is Ultra-Cotton? Natural cotton has a high water absorption, but worse water volatile and humidity, easy to shrink. Synthetic polyester has a low humidity, good quick-drying but not easy to sweat, not comfortable. To improve the shortcomings of the above fiber, Ultra Cotton… more

Track Suits Fabric

Track Suits Fabric Anti See Through SportswearTrack Suits Anti-See through Sportswear Fabric made of Polyester and Spandex which is stretchable material and mostly used in Sportswear Clothing.    SPECIFICATION                  Article CB25-213GSM… more

Super Stretch Fusible Interlining

Super Stretch Fusible Interlining For Uniforms Curtains    SPECIFICATION Article 24165F Width 60" Weight 165GSM Content 100% Polyester 75D / 36F Packing 300 Yard / Per Roll Order                                 … more

Furniture Stain Resistant Fabric

Furniture Stain Resistant Fabric For Hotels Restaurants Homes Picnic ToddlersNanotechnology (nanometer anti-dirty) furniture stain resistant fabric made from cotton with nanometer physical and chemical properties allow air to pass through but stop water and other consumable drinking liquids. The fabric… more

Power Mesh Fabric

Power Mesh Fabric Polyester Spandex StretchableCombine structures of elasticity with holes on both sides of the fabric which keeps your body sports feeling good and more powerful. The mesh texture of this Black /Raw White Stretch power mesh allows moisture to escape, offering greater comfort… more

Copper Yarn Fabric

Copper Yarn Fabric Nano Medical Health Care TechnologyCopper Yarn Fabric made by Copper Oxide with Nano Composite Mineral Powders to produce fibers This fiber is generally used in a variety of textiles and has a number of permanent features such as Anti-bacterial is above 99% Staphylococcus… more

Brushed Polyester Fabric

Brushed Polyester Fabric 3M Wicking Mesh TextilesBrushed comfort factor very fast speed to dry content 100% polyester with applying 3M Wicking function to make fabric more smooth and comfortable Features: Absorb Moisture Dry Quickly Breathable Efficiently spreads skin moisture Rapidly absorbs… more

Body Armor Anti-cut Fabric

Body Armor Anti-cut Fabric - Abrasion Resistance Fabric - Anti Snagging Fabric Body Armor Anti-cut Fabric combines the various features from the composite yarn and knitting in special structure to produce this fabric which is anti-cut, abrasion resistance and anti-snagging This Fabric widely used in:-… more

Celliant Oxygen Fabric

Celliant Oxygen Fabric made by hollow fiber to produce fabric and there are many benefits for the customer and our fabric use for apparel, pillows, bed sheets, medical wraps etc .... The minerals used in every fiber were selected for their thermo-reactive ability to most effectively convert body… more