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Polyester Bedspreads Fillings

polyester bedspreads fillings
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taiwan polyester lining manufacturer
polyester lining manufacturer

Polyester bedspreads Filling

Nano Mineral Fiber Lining
 is Antibacterial, Waterproof with IR Reflection and used in Jackets, Leather Jackets, Dresses, Bedding, Bed Covers, Bedspreads, Comforters, Pillows, Sleeping Bags ect.. which we produce more than 20 kinds of materials. Nanomineral Fiber Lining gives Humen Body heat reflection which can keep maintaining good warmth to the human body temperature. In sunlight, this lining can maintain stable and comfortable temperature. We got many kinds of Size and Colors as per Customer request. Its also call thermostat cotton and it will keep you warm in freezing temperatures.  

Material: 100% Polyester Functional Fiber Waterproof. The Filling Width is 60" but weight differs  

WEIGHT                            60(g/m2)                                     WIDTH                                 60" inch
WEIGHT  100(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  120(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  130(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  140(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  150(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  160(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  180(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  200(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  215(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
WEIGHT  320(g/m2)  WIDTH  60" inch
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