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Polyester Flag Fabric

Polyester Flag Fabric - Special Polyester Materials Outdoor Indoor Polyester Flag Material Suppliers Taiwan
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Code: CM8159
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Polyester Flag Fabric - Special Polyester Materials Outdoor Indoor Polyester Flag Material Suppliers Taiwan

Look at the fabric. Nylon fabric is shiny, whereas polyester looks a bit like cotton. Feel the fabric between your fingers. Nylon feels lightweight and is water repellant. Polyester is heavier and feels like cotton. Watch how the flag flies on the pole. Nylon flaps in the slightest breeze, but polyester flags are heavier and take much more wind to carry it aloft. In heavy winds, the light nylon fabric will "snap" loudly, which is why people prefer using polyester flags in windy areas to reduce wear and tear on the flag.

Article   CM8159
Material              Polyester Material
Width     60"
Content  100% Polyester 
Weight 170 g/yd
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