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Polyester Ultra Cotton Fillings

Polyester Ultra Cotton Fillings
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Polyester Ultra Cotton Fillings
Polyester Ultra Cotton Fillings made by hollow staple polyester fibers synthesizing over 20 types of oxides and minerals like alumina, titanium dioxide, zirconia, oxidized silicon (particles size that is below 49 nano) that makes the nano minerals distribute evenly within and on the surface of the fiber. Its also call functional polyester, polyester cotton, ultra cotton, thermostatic cotton  

Polyester Ultra Cotton Filling Functional Characteristics:-

  • Nanomineral magnetic energy with deep tissue massage function can promote blood circulation, improve cold hands and foots. improve sleeping etc  
  • No need to warm your bed sheet in the winter time. Nanomaterial bedding can maintain your body temperature for better warm keeping, soft, skin-friendly, breathable, dry and comfortable. Easy for you to fall asleep and improve sleep quality.
  • The hollow structure of the Nanomineral Filling favor blocking cold air, keep good warmth. Natural, do not have to worry about the avian flu.
  • Light catalyst and negative ion can remove unpleasant odors. 
  • Easy cleaning, washable. All functions are permanent.
  • Keeping Mosquitoes Bugs Insects Ants Cockroach etc... Away 

Application: Duvet Fillings, Quilt Fillings, Pillow Fillings, Jacket Fillings, Sleeping Bag Fillings

Packing: 1 Bale = 220KGS, 20' Container: 36 Bales, 40' Container: 72 Bales

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