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Heat Insulation Fabric

heat insulation fabric
Producer link: Infrared Camouflage Military Clothing    
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military camouflage clothing
thermal insulation material

Heat Insulation Fabric - Military Camouflage Clothing - Thermal Insulation Material
Heat Insulation Fabric through the rear metal absorbs the near infrared to make the heat storage and keep the warm effect. Permanent washable can be dyed color as per Pantone color to follow up.

  • The anti-static effect will be very good in the dry climate
  • Highly heat storage, heat insulation and keep the warm effect. (Like the technical of the car heat insulation)
  • The Camouflage cloths used in the military the effect of absorbing the near infrared
  • The anti-static effect can achieve the friction with voltage <500V. The testing result of friction with voltage is 282V


SPECIFICATION                Heat Insulation Fabric
Width: 60"
Weight: 190 g/yd (135GSM)
Content: 100% Tungsten Oxide Polyester

Remarks: We can dye any color as Customer required. Just offer Pantone color to follow up

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