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Taiwan Functional Fabrics
Functional textile testing standards and improve the methods of global analysis about 70% of functional textiles from Taiwan, and therefore detect functional textiles has been one of the conditions under single-brand manufacturers of communication, presentation and instrument theory through the course of the test method description, so that students understand the differences between the various standards, and shows that the Chinese market and California Proposition 65 requirements for textiles, and then from the design, manufacturing process begins, in line with regulations, reduce problems, effectively enhance the performance of functional textiles .

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Nylon Power Velcro Fabric

Nylon Power Velcro Fabric for hook and loop Fastener Supplier  Conform to the standard of REACH 163 & California Proposition 65 Have high standard adhesive strength Eco-Friendly as without lead/cadmium / Plasticizer Stiff hand feels / water-proof / non-toxic in one Non-toxic finishing process… more